Duel-cast #26: EOG

Hey!  We’re back.  We took a week or so off.  Hard to gauge the exact time frame as we don’t have the most regular posting sequence in the world.  Regardless, here we are giving you some delicate, delicious Duelyst content.

We wanted to round out the theme that we started with last episode.  Last episode we began with reviewing first turn options, and this episode we are reviewing the end of game.  While there are many scenarios and situations that may have happened to resolve you to turns allotting 8 or 9 mana, we look to go over just a few of them in order to delight and entertain you.  You may sit and listen thinking, “Why didn’t they talk about that time that I was assaulted by a large sweating Hungarian on turn 5.  Nothing they’ve said accounts for decisions made after being concussed by a fist the weight of a ball-peen hammer.”  To which we’d respond, yes.  Nothing we say will advise you in such a situation.  Fight as best you can digitally, and physically to resolve the game and your life.  Otherwise, consider the situations we do review, and in all other cases seek professional aid and advise.



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