Duel-cast #24: Climbing the poll

Remember that time we posted a poll on the site?  Well, here we are to talk about it.  Sure, it was three weeks ago and related to hype for an event that already happened, but we aren’t here to be timely we’re here to be slightly disappointing.  We are Americans after all.  If we can’t make you a little more disheartened after listening to us I don’t think we’re doing our jobs.  At least that’s what my culture and generation have lead me to understand.

With that said, listen up!  In all reality, however, we wanted to have a retrospective review of what we all thought about the set just before the launch, and see how it compared to where things landed.  Overall, not unlike many things in life, we were a little off the mark it seems.  There were some aspects of the set that turned out to be much better, and others that were much worse.  The nice thing about the breadth of a set this size that still stands to change.

Regardless, open your ears and shut your mouth.  Indulge your desires for more Duelcast, and tell us how much you wish we were better than we are.


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