Duel-cast #22: Unearthed Prophecy Review #2

Here we go again.  Bringing you the best mediocre content that we know how.  I really feel like we’re getting the hang of this whole mediocre thing.  You know what they say, “once you go mediocre… you apathetically lose interest in your life’s ambitions.”  If one phrase could surmise all that we represent, that one might overstate it–but it would be close, for sure.

So many cards so little time.  No, literally.  There were a ton of cards and we reviewed them in record time.  Not that we wanted to gyp the audience of voluminous content, but rather, we felt we were being a little too inefficient in how we shared our thoughts.  That said, we bring you more sound for your ear faces.  Enjoy it or not.

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Alpha Brutal