Duelcast #3: Mana tiles

This week we dip our toes into some basic Duelyst strategy as we begin to discuss one of the first aspects strategies a player develops–the use of mana tiles.  As a new player the concept of ever accessible mana tiles can be a unique idea, and how to manage them as you play out your games introduces various complicated play decisions.  What’s best?  What’s bad?  Listen along as we delve into the topic!

Duelcast #2: Factions

Not unlike many digital and paper card games Duelyst is broken up into factions; otherwise understood as a way to break up mechanics and play styles in order to give the game texture.  This episode we go over these factions.  What the typical features of each class are, their weaknesses, and their general strategy.  Join us as we continue our introductory episodes into the various aspects of Duelyst.

Duelcast #1: Discovering Duelcast

In this introductory episode we discuss first impressions of Duelyst.  As new players to the game, the concepts and mechanics of Duelcast are new and exciting.  We share our thoughts on these areas for new players, and experienced gamers to get a brief overview of what they may also expect coming into the game.  Whether you’re a long term gamer, or a ‘casual’ just looking to try something different, you’ll find Duelyst a fresh new take on digital card games, and this is a great place to share your ideas with our own as we embark on the excitement that is Duelyst.