About Us

So, you want to know who these three strangers on the internet yelling silly things at your ear holes are, do ya?  Well, you’ve come to a moderately adequate location to discover these details.  I mean, it’s not a perfect spot to come, we don’t really have any refreshments and the lighting is terrible; there is a weird guy in the corner giving you an uncomfortable smile, but all those things aside it’s an OK place to be.  At least for the moment.  Excuse me while I remove this strange brown liquid from atop this chair so you can have a seat and be a little more uncomfortable.  Ah, that’s better now we’re all a little more disappointed than we were a few minutes ago.

What were we doing here?  Oh yes, you wanted to know what all this was about.  Well, don’t I have a story for you.  Way back in the year 2016, when freedom meant something and everyone’s skin hadn’t been secretly replaces with chicken grease, three boys–neigh, MEN–embarked on a quest to bring entertainment and knowledge to the community revolving around Duelyst.  What’s Duelyst?  Eh, you know what I’m beginning to think you clicked on a bad link.  Moving along, THREE MEN, bringing–ok you get it.  So, these three guys they sit down and are like, “Hey, you know what’s good?  This Duelyst game.  We think it’s the next big thing.  It’s not the big thing at the moment, but it’s getting there, and we just might be the mediocre catalyst to push it over the edge into slightly above mediocre status.”  And lo’ they began their quest to discuss on a semi-regular basis all the things pertaining to and revolving around the game of Duelyst.

I mean truly, it’s not to say Duelyst is mediocre.  It’s not.  It’s pretty great.  And the three of us want to work to help and cultivate a community of competition and fun around the game.  There are a lot of great things about the game, and the community already, and we want to not only be a part of that, but help to foster and grow it.  So, on a weekly basis we will discuss current events in the game, some meta review, level up strategy, card reviews, and just about anything related to the game.  We won’t shy away from mentioning other games, or pretend there aren’t issues when they arise, but we want to have a transparent conversation centered on the game in general.

We are just three guys talking about a game we like.  We aren’t employed, endorsed, or sponsored by Counterplay or any other affiliates at this time.  We are just like you, a few competitive players you want to be involved.  So, join us as we delve into the state of the game and watch  as everything grows.